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Testimonial: “[T]eaches kids to appreciate their family and to have respect for others’ beliefs”

User testimonial on FamilyEducation.com: “I was recently on the Apple’s App Store and I found an amazing storybook app called, “And So You Were Born.” My twins are just under two years old and they can not get over this book. They can’t read but there is narration and interactive pictures and text. The book is customizable so it can say their names, my name, their friends, and even religion. This book teaches kids to appreciate their family and to have respect for others’ beliefs in the world. Much of this is done through subliminal messaging in the the text, allowing the book to still have a fun vibe. After the story it even has puzzles, paint activities, and a matching game. The App preaches a good message but is still enjoyable for children. I recommend you take a look at it.”


“And So You Were Born” in Bonus DVD of the movie 40 POINT PLAN

And here it is, the news you’ve been waiting for: And So You Were Born discussed in the Bonus Content of the movie 40 POINT PLAN, out NOW!

With it’s success at drawing interest from people from a variety of backgrounds, it is no surprise that And So You Were Born is now hitting the movies. Author Mona Parsa can be seen discussing the book in the Bonus DVD of 40 POINT PLAN, a “solutionmentary” movie on the changes seen through throughout the world by the simple practice of instilling love in business. The film suggests 40 points to be implemented for a better future, one of which is a K-12 curriculum for children in which respect and ethics are emphasized, and And So You Were Born is discussed as having a similar motive. 40 POINT PLAN is available on Video On-Demand, with the Bonus DVD available for purchase: www.40PointPlan.com.

[Synopsis of 40 POINT PLAN: An anonymous film director uploads a new feature film online called the “40 Point Plan”, detailing 40 points that can bring change to the world and solve society’s ills. The film goes viral and impacts America like never before. The United States is in full force to implement the 40 Plans by creating a new company – led by Warren Buffet and a dream team of 20 expert CEOs, humanitarians, scholars and scientists – focusing on the implementation of love into their business model. Unemployment is ended in America on October 17, 2012 along with hunger in 2013 and homelessness in 2014.]


“And So You Were Born” makes its film debut!

Catch “And So You Were Born” being discussed in a “solutionmentary” film’s Bonus DVD content as being an example of a tool for instilling love, respect and ethics in children. Check back soon for details as they’re revealed!


Editor’s Favorite App

And So You Were Born is chosen as Editor’s Favorite by AppySmarts.com – the reviewer of the “Best Apps for Young Brains,” receiving top stars in graphic quality, length of play and educational value!


In partnership with Odyssey, the State Dpmt. and the Olympics


And So You Were Born is happy to announce its partnership in the 2012 Hours Against Hate Campaign with Odyssey Networks, which is also partnering with the Department of State, which is working with the London 2012 Olympic Games!


The initiative involves young people reaching out to someone different from them, spending an hour together and letting Odyssey know what happened. Odyssey will videotape and produce 2 videos from the best stories.

Please share with your youth!




#15 in Singapore

And So You Were Born ranks #15 in the iTunes App Store (Books) in Singapore, showing that values-based fun is cherished beyond boundaries!


We’re in the Top 5!

App user ranks And So You Were Born in the Top 5. Take a look at the list here!


Celebrating TOP 100 BOOK APP ranking with a promotion!

In celebration of its U.S. chart debut, And So You Were Born is dramatically droppin’ it’s price. All the unique and groundbreaking features, all the fun, all the learning, NOW for only $0.99!

(This special treat will last only through the month of April, also in commemoration of Celebrate Diversity month, before it passes on by!)

iPad: http://itunes.apple.com/app/and-so-you-were-born/id491119484?mt=8

iPhone/iPod: http://itunes.apple.com/app/and-so-you-were-born-mobile/id492617133?mt=8



We’ve made our landing in the U.S.!

We’d hit the charts in countries around the globe… and, NOW, the app makes its appearance in the U.S.’ TOP 100 in the iTunes App Store iPad Books category, competing with the Ugly Duckling and other well-knowns!



Unity and today’s children’s resources

Article on URI’s Peacebuilders’ blog, on teaching children about peace: http://www.urinorthamerica.org/blog/2012/03/18/and-so-you-were-born/