“An imaginative, touching app” for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. A “10 out of 10″!


Ideal for birthday and holiday gift-giving, just click ‘Gift this App’ in the iTunes App Store or purchase the award-winning (2014 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award -“Religion/Spirituality category) hardcover at your nearest book seller, or here!


Reader’s learn of the great love that exists for them—from God’s love before and after birth, to love of family and friends—and about the purpose of giving that love in return, and spreading it to all others as we unite in our diversities, lessons presented with intercultural images and relevant short quotes from major faith traditions. All the while, and without even realizing it, your child’s goodly character will be encouraged and cheered! Features include:


Loads of opportunity for personalization, including:

Video record your reading of 7 brief writings for the reader to view to their surprise on a tap of the screen!

• Provide reader’s name and birthday, and names of loved ones, for insertion in the text.

• Embed the reader’s drawing onto a page.


Interactive features for extended involvement with the book:

Accelerometer offers the reader opportunity to cause stars to fall and move with tilting of the device.

Innovative effects like wiping fog off the screen, causing rain to fall against the screen at different levels of intensity, and blowing into the mic to make objects move.

Delightful and charming images and animations to entertain and amuse your child for plenty of time, including: touch, drag or swipe capability to activate animations and sounds like giggling, twinkling, swaying, bursting and more! 

• Beautiful music and entertaining sound effects.


Educational elements:

• Adoring and symbolic illustrations inspired by principles of love, devotion and unity, allowing for meaningful discussions with your child during reading time (see Discussion Guide below for details).

• Reader may read alone, or choose to read with pre-recorded narration.

• Activities and games, including memory matching, puzzles and coloring.